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People say “Home is Where your heart is!” It’s true that your heart is the ‘home’ of everything that happens in the body, and one of the most primary signs of vitality. AHSIA, with its ‘heart’ being a renowned interventional cardiologist, promises you the best­ in ­class heart care. Name any procedure that can be classified under ‘heart care’ and AHSIA’s team of cardiologists are sure to address it.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to challenge the 21st centuries most dreadful diseases are I) Heart Attacks II) Diabetes III) Hypertension IV) Obesity

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a renowned heart care foundation in providing quality heart care to meet the aspirations of all sections of our people living in India

Our Value

Our Value Commitment is to provide integrated and Holistic Heartcare for every individual through advanced scientific technologies.

One of the Most outstanding cardiology group practice in India

The Heart AHSIA is viewed as one of the most outstanding cardiology emergency clinics, playing out a large number of medicines and systems in cardiology and cardiothoracic medical procedure. Our group of cardiovascular specialists and cardiothoracic specialists are prepared at the top establishments on the planet. Our heart expert specialists are the most incredible in the nation and are totally devoted to the treatment of coronary heart illnesses.

Our spearheading work for the avoidance and treatment of cardio vascular illnesses has prompted the accomplishment of better results and worked on personal satisfaction for a large number of heart patients. Our high-level framework upholds the mind-boggling nature of the cardiovascular consideration given. Visit Heart AHSIA or call our number to get a cardiologist meeting with India’s best heart-trained professionals. You can likewise counsel our cardiologists on the web.

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Dr. Dhamodaran K Cardiologists - MBBS, MD – General Medicine, DM